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Don't Want Metal Braces As An Adult? Consider These 2 Alternatives

If you find yourself wishing you had teeth that were straight and evenly spaced out, but never found the idea of metal braces appealing, you might have missed out on the prime time to get braces during your youth. The look of metal braces is a common reason that many people avoid getting them, as they fear the braces will look worse than their crooked teeth.

With advancements in braces technology, the old traditional metal look is no longer your only option. Orthodontists have alternatives that will let your correct your misaligned teeth without the social stigma that come with them. If you need braces as an adult that cannot be noticed, consider these two options.


The process of using Invisalign is quite different than traditional braces. Instead of securing anything directly to the teeth, Invisalign uses plastic aligners that are completely removable. They will gently guide the teeth from their crooked state into the correct position. Since the plastic aligners are created with clear plastic, nobody will be able to notice you are wearing them.

Invisalign requires that the wearer uses a different shaped aligner after a couple of weeks. Your dentist creates a set of aligners that will carefully shift the teeth into the proper position, so the aligners are moving the teeth in stages. The process will take months to complete, but the end result will be straighter teeth.

Clear Braces

If you are looking for a cheaper option, clear braces may be best for you. Instead of being constructed with metal, they are made with a polycarbonate plastic or clear ceramic. The clear material will actually blend in with your teeth's natural color, and be less noticeable than traditional metal.

The main benefit of clear braces is that they are just as effective as metal braces. This means that even the most extreme misalignments can be corrected. It is the best solution for adults that have severe misalignment issues with their teeth, but do not want it to be obvious that they are wearing braces.

While the previous methods are great ways to correct your teeth without letting others know, it is only a few of the many options you have. If you are self conscious about your smile, meet with an orthodontist in your area that can give you a consultation about what options are available. You may be surprised by the choices you have. (go here for questions on general dentistry)