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How a Gum Lift Can Improve Your Smile

If you hide your smile because you're self-conscious about your front teeth that look too short or uneven, a gum lift might be the solution. If you have your gums lifted, your teeth will appear longer. A gum lift may be the only procedure you need, or you could add veneers to create a whole new smile. Here's what you need to know about getting a gum lift procedure.

Why It's Done

A gum lift is surgery done by a cosmetic dentist to improve the appearance of your smile. It removes a small part of your gums right above your teeth. You may want this done if your teeth seem to be too short, or if it looks like your gums show too much when you smile. You may need to have the gum area lifted above all your front teeth or just above one tooth to make it look even with the others.

Laser Surgery

A gum lift is a quick and easy procedure when your dentist uses a laser to reshape your gums. Originally, gums were cut with a scalpel and stitches were used to close the incision. This made recovery longer and more painful. By using a laser, your dentist can be very precise when contouring your gums, and the laser stops bleeding, so there is no need for stitches.

Recovery from a Gum Lift

You can expect your gums to feel sore for a few days, but the pain should be mild enough that you can manage it with over-the-counter pain relievers. While the soreness lasts, you'll need to eat soft foods because hard foods may irritate your gums or get lodged and cause an infection to develop. If your gums become red or swollen, you should contact your dentist to rule out an infection.

Results after Surgery

Once the surgery is done, you'll notice less gum tissue showing when you smile. Also, your gums will be contoured to the shape of your front teeth, which makes your smile more attractive. While your teeth will appear to be longer, if you have a tooth that is shorter than the others, you'll have to have an additional procedure done, such as the application of one or more veneers.

The best result of the surgery is that you'll no longer have a reason to hide your smile or be self-conscious about your appearance. A gum lift is a permanent procedure, so it will last for life. Since it is a cosmetic procedure, a gum lift probably won't be covered by your insurance. However, the expense is worth it if it makes you feel better about your appearance. For more information, talk to a professional like Smudde Family Dentistry Inc/Meredeth Gray DDS.