Learning to Take Better Care of Your Family's Teeth

Just Get Dentures? Know Important Maintenance And Care Tips

If you decided on getting dentures to replace your missing teeth, one of the first things you'll need to learn about are the techniques for taking proper care of them. Dentures are a big investment, and you should be doing everything that you can in order to prolong how long they will last. Following these 4 tips will make sure you are caring for them properly

Schedule Regular Denture Inspections

When you had natural teeth, you were told by your dentist to make semi-annual appointments for checkups and cleanings. The same holds true for dentures. You cannot ignore routine inspections just because they are fake teeth. The visit will also cover the inspection of your gums, which is important since you need healthy gums to use dentures.

Clean Your Dentures Every Day

You should be brushing the dentures every single day to keep them clean. Unlike natural teeth, you will need to pay additional care to areas such as the base that rests against your gums.

It also helps to rinse your dentures off after eating. It will get rid of food particles in your mouth that may cause an infection or irritation.

Remove Dentures At Night

Dentures are not something that you should leave in 24/7, because they need to be removed at certain times. For example, you should never wear them while you're sleeping. Take out the dentures so that they can soak overnight in a cleaning solution. Moisture is what prevents dentures from cracking and drying out. All you'll need to do when you wake up is give them a rinse and you'll be ready to start your day.

Get Denture Refittings

Your mouth's structure can change a lot as you get older. In addition, your dentures can stretch out at the base as you continue to wear them. When you combine these two factors, it can prevent your dentures from fitting snugly in your mouth. Thankfully, you do not need to get new dentures when this happens.

Your dentist can create a new mold of your gums to make a new base that will replace the old one on your dentures. If your old dentures are starting to slip during normal use because of a poor fit, this procedure will help them feel as if you have brand new dentures.

For more tips about denture maintenance and care, speak with your dentist (like those at Smile 1st Dental Care). They can give you more great tips about how to make your dentures last a long time.