Learning to Take Better Care of Your Family's Teeth

4 Tips For Choosing The Right Family Dentist

Having a dentist for your whole family is a great way to ensure that your family is working together to keep everyone's oral health in the best condition. A family dentist can also help with making appointment times more convenient, especially since you can schedule to have the whole family come in on the same day. When it comes to choosing a family dentist, you just want to be sure that you choose someone who is going to work for everyone in your family. Here are four tips to help you choose the right dentist:

  1. Figure Out Your Family's Needs: Everyone in your family is going to need different oral care. If you have children who will need braces in the future, for example, you should consider a family dentist who works closely with a trusted orthodontist in the same location or even a family dentist who can provide braces themselves. If there is someone in your family who needs extensive dental work, then you should also consider a family dentist who can provide more extensive treatments, such as teeth pulling, root canals, implants, crowns, and more.
  2. ​Choose a Convenient Office: When it comes to scheduling appointments, the best time may be before or after the kids get out of school. This means you should consider choosing a family dentist located close to the school or at least close to home. This way, everyone can go to the dentist at convenient times. 
  3. Consider Costs: Every family dentist is going to be different in how they handle costs for treatments. First off, you want to be sure that they accept your dental insurance, which will typically cover the cost of regular cleanings and sometimes fillings, as well. Just in case, you should also talk about the cost of potentially larger dental work that may be needed in the future. If your dental insurance doesn't cover it, you should talk to your dentist about their payment plan options.
  4. Call Family Dentists First: Before you actually visit any dentists in the area, consider calling first to ask any questions that you may have. You can ask about their payment plan options, whether or not they accept your insurance, and what kind of treatments they are limited to doing in their office. Once you find a dentist, such as at http://www.charlottesvilledentistry.com/, that can provide what your family needs, then you can schedule your first appointment to determine your comfort level in the office and with the dentist.

When you consider these four tips for choosing the right family dentist for your family, you can be sure that everyone in your family has the best oral health possible.