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Worried About Your Teen Complying With Orthodontic Treatment? 3 Strategies For Keeping Them On Track

Teenagers often look forward to getting braces since they desire a more beautiful smile, yet they sometimes forget that improving their teeth takes a little work. Advances in dental technology have improved adolescent orthodontic services by offering more options such as Invisalign that are more convenient than other types of braces. Yet, even these require your teen to be compliant with their treatment plan. As you help your teen get used to their new braces, use these tips to make sure that they stay on track with their treatment.

Show Them the Future

Adolescent Invisalign treatment is often the preferred options for teenagers who benefit from being able to remove their trays for sports or to eat their favorite foods. However, it is important for them to wear their aligners for the majority of the day. One of the best things about Invisalign is that orthodontists can create an image that shows your teen their future smile. Having a visual reminder of the goal they are working toward motivates teens to keep wearing their trays.

Recruit Your Orthodontist's Help

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is even more important once your teen has braces. Yet, teenagers may struggle with learning how to floss or brush with traditional metal braces. Ask your teen's orthodontist to show them how to brush and floss properly during their next visit for adolescent orthodontic services, and ask about devices such as water flossers that can make the whole process more effective. If your teen wears aligners, then they can also be shown how to properly brush and soak the trays.

Recognize Your Teen's Progress

One of the interesting things about teenager orthodontics is that you will watch your child grow up as they progress through their treatment plan. In fact, many teenagers begin to demonstrate more responsibility since they care about improving their smile. When your child brushes their teeth without a reminder or manages to keep their aligner trays in their mouth all day, make sure to give them some praise. For teens wearing Invisalign trays, you can also plan a small celebration such as going to a movie every time they change to new aligners.

Teens tend to do far better than their parents would expect with orthodontic treatment because they want to improve their appearance. While you know that having straighter teeth or a proper bite helps protect their oral health, your teen is more motivated by looking forward to their future smile. Tapping into what makes your teen stay motivated will help them stay on top of their treatment plan.