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3 Reasons To Get Braces For Your Young Child

A big debate that parents have is whether or not they should get their child braces when they are younger. Part of the reason for this debate is the fact that their child hasn't lost of their baby teeth yet, so they don't have all of their permanent teeth in place. There are actually a lot of great benefits to getting your child braces at a young age and three of them will be discussed here.

Create Proper Spacing For Permanent Teeth

By getting braces for your child at an early age, you help to set up their mouth for the placement of their permanent teeth. You can move certain baby teeth over and out of the way by using spacers. These spacers essentially stop the baby teeth, or the current permanent teeth, from moving inward, and blocking out the other permanent tooth that is trying to come in. The braces themselves can also help to align any and all permanent teeth that are already in your child's mouth. Putting braces on your child at a young age can also help to create room for future wisdom teeth, so that they don't overcrowd and shift your child's teeth when they do come in. 

Decrease The Time That They Are In Braces In The Future 

Another great benefit of getting braces for your child at a young age is the fact that it can reduce the amount of time that your child is in their braces when they are older. The time spent in braces when your child is young starts the framework for straight teeth and a good bite. This means that the amount of alignment and straightening that needs to take place when your child is older is greatly reduced. Since your child will likely be more excited about braces when they are younger, rather than when they are older, it is great to jump on this opportunity. 

Your Child's Facial Bones Are Not Yet Down Growing 

If your child has a small mouth and deals with overcrowded teeth, then braces at a young age can help them specifically. Since the bones of their face are not done growing and haven't completely fused, changes can still be made to their jaw. Your child's orthodontist may choose to use jaw extenders to try and create more room in your child's mouth for their teeth. This is in no way harmful to your child and can make a huge difference in the placement of their teeth and their bite.