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Reasons to Ask Your Dentist About Crown Lengthening

Dental crowns can be an effective way to protect at-risk teeth and give you a healthier smile. If you're speaking to your local dentist about this procedure, you'll have a chance to ask a series of questions so that you'll feel informed and empowered before the procedure begins. One inquiry that you might want to make is whether crown lengthening might be right for you. This is a procedure in which the crown is built slightly longer than it might otherwise be. In the case of a crown on an upper tooth, this means that the tooth extends farther toward your lower jaw. Here are some reasons that dental crown lengthening might be right for you.

To Boost Your Smile

For some people, the visibility of a lot of teeth while smiling is synonymous with a happy smile. Every mouth and face is built differently, and you may find that when you smile, your grin isn't as toothy as you might like. If you're critical of yourself, you might even find that your smile appears sarcastic, rather than happy, and this likely isn't the look that you're going for. If you're speaking to your dentist about crowns, you may express an interest in crown lengthening as a way of enhancing your smile.

To Compensate for Small Teeth

Some people have teeth that are smaller than average, and they may feel self-conscious about how this part of their body looks. Small teeth don't really affect how you chew, but if you feel as though you want a visual change, crowns—and especially crown lengthening—can be the answer. Your dentist will be able to talk to you about how longer crowns can transform the look of your mouth, making your concerns about having smaller teeth a thing of the past.

To Overcome Larger Lips

Having large, full lips is a look that many people long for, but if you have larger lips naturally, you might not be fully happy about the look that they provide. For example, if your lips are of above-average size, they may hide your teeth—again, perhaps resulting in a smile that doesn't show off your pearly whites as much as you'd like. Crown lengthening can be an effective dental procedure for giving more visibility to your teeth so that even if you have larger lips, your smile is still as visible as you want it to be.

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