Learning to Take Better Care of Your Family's Teeth

Recommendations On Dental Care For Babies And Children

Children are more susceptible to cavities than teenagers and adults are, so it's important to schedule them for regular checkups with a family dentist. Kids who have problems with tooth decay may benefit from stricter oral hygiene habits along with dental sealants.

The Importance of Healthy Primary Teeth

Dentists encourage parents to bring babies in for a checkup once the first tooth grows in. They recommend twice-yearly dental checkups and professional cleanings as more teeth appear. Children who never develop cavities may only need an annual dental exam.

Although baby teeth fall out eventually, some will likely still be in place when the youngster reaches early adolescence. Preventing decay and treating cavities that do develop are crucial actions for a child's comfort and dental health.

Cavities can become painful, especially when chewing. If left untreated, decay spreads to other teeth. As the problem worsens, bacteria from tooth decay may spread to the adult teeth situated under the gum tissue. That can cause infections and damage to the permanent teeth. 

Effective Oral Hygiene

Cavities can be prevented to a large extent with twice-daily brushing and daily flossing. Fluoride paste should be used. Limiting the consumption of sugary foods and beverages is helpful.

Mothers and fathers need to handle a child's brushing and flossing until the youngster is about five or six years old. That's the point at which motor skills generally reach a level where kids can do their own oral hygiene tasks. Disabled children who do not master those skills by this age will require adults or older individuals to continue helping them with oral hygiene. That might be a brother, sister, babysitter or caregiver.

Parents also should keep discreetly monitoring a child's oral hygiene activity if they think this is necessary. Children are known for just pretending they have brushed instead of actually doing it. Family dentists want parents to impress upon their youngsters how important brushing and flossing are to prevent cavities and needing to have tooth decay removed at the clinic.

Preventive Methods and Treatment at the Clinic

Kids who have trouble with cavity prevention benefit from dental sealants placed by a family dentist. Fluoride varnish can be applied for enamel strengthening.

With regular checkups, a dentist finds cavities early. If treatment is necessary, the procedure can be done before the decayed area becomes larger and spreads. The dentist removes the decayed area and fills it with a metal amalgam or resin composite material. 

For more information about oral health, speak to a family dentist such as one from Leesburg Dental.