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Why Ultrasonic Scalers Are Great For Cleaning Teeth

Do you need to get your teeth cleaned at the dentist's office? It is worth asking if they are going to use an ultrasonic scaler when making an appointment. Here are a few key things to know about this piece of dental equipment used to clean your teeth.

Ultrasonic Scalers Remove Plaque, Tartar, And Bacteria

What makes an ultrasonic scaler unique is that it uses a flow of water and soft vibrations to clean your teeth with a scaler. This is quite different from using a water flosser at home since the combination of all three features helps to remove both plaque and tartar. The scaler moves across the surface of the teeth, and the quick vibrations are what help break up the plaque and tartar that are stuck to the surface. You may find this to feel better than a dentist that just uses a hand scaler since they are using force to scrape the plaque and tartar off your teeth.

Not only does an ultrasonic scaler help remove hard tartar, but it helps remove bacteria from the surface of your teeth as well. This is all thanks to the microscopic bubbles produced by the ultrasonic scaler. The bubbles collapse and release energy that dislodges bacteria. 

Ultrasonic Scalers Can Feel More Comfortable

If you have never liked the sensation of a dentist using a hand scaler, know that an ultrasonic scaler is going to be more comfortable in comparison. This is because the scalar on an ultrasonic scaler is smaller than the one on the hand scaler. The vibration and water do a lot of the work, and also do a great job at not disrupting your gum tissue.

However, be aware that the ultrasonic scaler may not be best for people that have very sensitive teeth. This is due to how the water hits the surface, which can affect those that have a sensitivity to cold temperatures. 

Ultrasonic Scalers Can Use Medicated Solutions

The dentist also has the ability to add a medication solution to the water used in the ultrasonic scaler. This can help people that are experiencing infections in their mouth, and also help improve the healing process. Your dentist will know if it is appropriate to use medication for your oral health condition. 

An ultrasonic scaler can be a great way to keep your smile looking great. Always ask if your dentist will use this dental tool to perform your teeth cleaning.