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Professional Teeth Whitening — What To Expect

A professional teeth whitening process removes surface stains. A cosmetic service that is conducted in a dental office offers long-lasting results. The information below will give you an idea of what to expect during a cosmetic teeth whitening session.  

Whitening Results

The condition of a patient's teeth will influence how white teeth will appear after a whitening process is conducted. Healthy, clean teeth will respond best to a whitening procedure. If tartar and plaque buildup is apparent, a cosmetic dentist may suggest that a patient undergoes a standard teeth cleaning process first. Afterward, a cosmetic dentist may use a color chart to demonstrate what types of results a patient can expect to achieve from a whitening session. 

Former Dental Repairs

Fillings, caps, and other dental aids that have been used to restore teeth will not lighten in color during a whitening process. Restorative aids are often a natural white color. They can, however, become discolored.

If the discoloration of a cap or another dental aid will contrast poorly with the teeth that are going to be whitened, a cosmetic dentist may recommend that the restorative aids are upgraded. The dentist may perform the whitening process first. Once the whitening process has concluded, the patient can schedule an appointment to have additional dental work performed.

Whitening Processes And Cost Factors

Cosmetic dentists use lights, lasers, and a peroxide mixture to lift surface stains from the enamel. A light or a laser may emit heat while whitening is conducted. The heat will support the removal of stubborn surface stains. A dentist will describe the tools and equipment that they use during a standard whitening process.

The cost of a whitening session will be dependent upon the type of products that a dentist uses. Some whitening processes are designed to provide dramatic results. A more advanced tooth whitening process can be expensive. Some cosmetic dentists offer payment plans that will allow patients to comfortably afford the whitening treatments that they are seeking.

Dental Care Steps

A patient needs to follow some dental care steps in between professional whitening treatments. A cosmetic dentist may advise a patient to avoid consuming dark-colored foods and beverages that are known to stain teeth. Dark-colored berries, coffee, tea, and sauces are some items that could stain teeth quickly. Using a whitening toothpaste product to clean teeth will aid with maintaining the color of teeth. A whitening strip product can be used to brighten teeth.