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What To Know About Plaque Tablets

Plaque tablets, also known as disclosing tablets, are made with temporary teeth dye that tells you where plaque is building up on your teeth. The goal is for the tablets to release the dye that sticks to your plaque and allows you to see all of the places that you have missed while brushing. Here are a few things you need to know about plaque tablets.

Plaque Tablet Forms 

As the name implies, plaque tablets often come in a tablet form that you chew on. They come in strips where each tablet can be popped out, much like medications are stored. However, there is also a liquid form that you can purchase as well. It is applied to your teeth with a miniature brush, but can also be applied with a cotton swab.

Plaque Tablet Application

You want to start by brushing your teeth first to get rid of all the normal plaque buildup from that day since the tablet will stick to it. Use a single tablet afterward by crushing it up with your teeth. It even helps to mix the tablet around with your saliva so that it can coat the surfaces of your teeth, which can be done by licking the surfaces of your teeth. 

When you're finished, spit the remaining dye into the sink with the water running. Be aware that the dye can stain your sink if left there for a long time, so run the water over the surface until all of the dye is gone.

Now you can examine your teeth in the mirror by pulling back your lips, and you'll see all of the dye that is still stuck to plaque. Rinse your mouth out to get rid of any excess dye, then brush and floss your teeth to try to remove the rest of the dye. Keep repeating the process of rinsing and brushing until all of the dye is gone. This means that all of the plaque is gone. 

Plaque Tablet Uses

Plaque tablets can be a great educational tool used to show where you are not brushing. Dentists sometimes use these to show their patients exactly what they are referring to when they see a lot of plaque buildup. However, you can also purchase these and use them at home. It is a great way to show children where they are not brushing and help them understand the risks of not brushing their teeth properly.

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