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How To Handle Costs When You Want To Go To A Particular Dental Office

Dental work can be costly. The advice for most people who need work but can't afford it is to find a dental school or community dental clinic that offers discounted prices or a sliding scale. Those are legitimate avenues that work very well for most people. But they tend not to assign a dentist to you; sometimes you can see only whoever is available unless you want to wait a while for an appointment with a dentist you request. And if it's a dental school, there's no guarantee your favorite dental student will still be there the next time you need care. If you want consistent dental care from one specific dentist, including same-day emergency care, you likely want to go to a conventional dental office. Here are ways to handle the costs of the dental work.

Prioritize the Problems

One is to put the problems you're having into order by priority. Sometimes there's so much to be done that the total cost seems impossible to meet, but in reality, some of those issues are more pressing than others. It could be that there are only a couple of things that need to be done urgently, and the rest can be spaced out over time.

Look for In-House Plans

To help patients fight back against inflation, some dentists have started offering their own in-house plans. You pay a yearly fee that covers a set amount of work, or a set percentage. The initial fee still may seem high because it covers the full year, but ask about making installments.

You Can Get Individual Dental Insurance Now

For a very long time, dental insurance was linked to jobs. You couldn't get a policy unless you were part of an organization that had group dental insurance. Now, however, you can get individual plans that cover a substantial portion of the work, and these plans are very affordable. Many of these plans either don't have a waiting period for coverage, or they require a waiting period only for more involved work. For the most part, you can get cleanings and X-rays covered very quickly. Be aware that these plans take HMO and PPO forms just like regular health insurance does, and some dentists restrict the types of insurance they use. But the option is there, and the coverage can be more than decent.

Continue With Preventive Care

And finally, as you work your way through the list of procedures you need, keep up with your preventive care. That obviously won't reverse the damage that you're taking care of now, but it helps your teeth and gums stay healthy in the future. That's the best way to make the care you need later on stay in the affordable range.

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