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Should You Use Charcoal Oral Health Products To Clean Your Teeth?

Have you been seeing more oral health products at the store that use charcoal as an ingredient, and you're wondering if they are a better way to clean your teeth? If so, you probably have a few questions about it.

What Benefits Do Charcoal Oral Health Products Claim?

There are a few similar benefits that you'll see products claim to help with when they use charcoal as an ingredient. This includes whitening your teeth, getting rid of bad breath, killing bacteria, and even neutralizing acids in your mouth. It's important to know that there is some truth to some of the benefits they claim charcoal can provide, but some are also unproven.

For example, charcoal is known to have properties that help neutralize acids. However, baking soda has the exact same effect on acids. It is also known that while acids can cause enamel to erode, using baking soda doesn't prevent cavities from forming. 

Are There Risks Of Using Charcoal-Based Oral Health Products?

You'll definitely want to know the potential risks of using a charcoal-based oral health product. The main thing to be concerned about is how charcoal is known to be an abrasive ingredient, which means that it can always run the risk of damaging your teeth. Many charcoal-based products claim to have the same level of abrasiveness as a typical whitening toothpaste. 

The abrasiveness can also lead to issues with tooth sensitivity, which is the same risk that whitening products have as well. Anything that is abrasive risks opening up those dentin tubules on your teeth, which cause them to be more sensitive. 

You'll want to look at which company is making the claims for the health benefits their product provides. Is it a company that you trust and know that they stand behind its products? Then you may want to try the product and see if it provides you with any of the benefits that they claim to offer. 

What Should You Look For In A Charcoal Oral Health Product?

When looking at the ingredients of a charcoal-based oral health product, it's important to see if it uses fluoride. Fluoride is the key to helping the enamel on your teeth remain strong since once enamel is gone it is gone for good. Unfortunately, many charcoal-based products for sale do not contain fluoride, even though it is proven to help keep your enamel strong.

Reach out to your local dentist or visit an office like Dentologie for more information on charcoal oral health products.