2 Teeth Whitening Options

If you want whiter teeth, there are multiple options available to brighten your smile. However, some options are only effective on a certain level or type of staining. Here are a few whitening options along with their best uses: Natural whiteners Natural whiteners can improve the whiteness of your teeth. However, they are often dependent on the abrasive nature of the material involved. Thus, they are best for light staining near the surface of the tooth enamel. [Read More]

Just Get Dentures? Know Important Maintenance And Care Tips

If you decided on getting dentures to replace your missing teeth, one of the first things you'll need to learn about are the techniques for taking proper care of them. Dentures are a big investment, and you should be doing everything that you can in order to prolong how long they will last. Following these 4 tips will make sure you are caring for them properly Schedule Regular Denture Inspections [Read More]

How To Prevent Infections In Your Dental Implants

Many patients receive dental implants after losing natural teeth and restore beauty, health, and functional teeth. However, some risks can come along with the implant procedures. Post-procedural infections are one of the most common risk factors, but you can prevent infection by knowing what to look for and how to respond. Signs of Infection Bacteria can build-up around the base of the implant below the gum line. As time passes, the gum tissue may cause inflammation. [Read More]

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions For Your Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry is the art of repairing damaged, missing, or misshapen teeth to correct defects and restore full function and appearance. Depending on the procedure, cosmetic dentistry can be a long lasting or permanent solution for your teeth. Some of the more common cosmetic dentistry procedures include the following:  Dental Implant - A dental implant is artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. [Read More]