What To Know About Plaque Tablets

Plaque tablets, also known as disclosing tablets, are made with temporary teeth dye that tells you where plaque is building up on your teeth. The goal is for the tablets to release the dye that sticks to your plaque and allows you to see all of the places that you have missed while brushing. Here are a few things you need to know about plaque tablets. Plaque Tablet Forms  As the name implies, plaque tablets often come in a tablet form that you chew on.

The Truth Behind 2 Misconceptions You May Have About Getting Sedation During Dental Procedures

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way to reduce anxiety and discomfort during dental procedures. However, you may have heard stories from other people that have led you to have a misguided view of it, making you hesitant to ask your dentist about receiving sedation. If so, below is the truth behind a couple of these misconceptions you may have about getting sedation when you visit your dentist. 1. Sedation Is Reserved for Major Dental Procedures and People Who Are Afraid of Going to the Dentist 

Professional Teeth Whitening — What To Expect

A professional teeth whitening process removes surface stains. A cosmetic service that is conducted in a dental office offers long-lasting results. The information below will give you an idea of what to expect during a cosmetic teeth whitening session.   Whitening Results The condition of a patient's teeth will influence how white teeth will appear after a whitening process is conducted. Healthy, clean teeth will respond best to a whitening procedure. If tartar and plaque buildup is apparent, a cosmetic dentist may suggest that a patient undergoes a standard teeth cleaning process first.

Unhappy With Your Smile? How Getting Porcelain Dental Crowns Can Help

When you feel good about the condition of your smile; it shows. You are always ready to flash a grin at the people you come into contact with and never shy away from a camera. However, the reverse can also be true. If your teeth are damaged in some way and you aren't satisfied with the way your mouth appears, you could easily become so self-conscious that you hide and fail to take advantage of opportunities that could make such a positive difference in your life.

How Getting Dental Implants Can Improve Your Health And Lifestyle

Dental implants are a type of prosthetic tooth replacement that is designed to look, feel, and function like natural teeth. They are typically composed of titanium posts that are surgically inserted into the jawbone in order to hold the artificial tooth in place. With advances in modern dentistry, these procedures have become increasingly popular due to their long-term durability and aesthetic appeal. Learn about three ways that getting dental implants can help improve your life and well-being.

Should You Use Charcoal Oral Health Products To Clean Your Teeth?

Have you been seeing more oral health products at the store that use charcoal as an ingredient, and you're wondering if they are a better way to clean your teeth? If so, you probably have a few questions about it. What Benefits Do Charcoal Oral Health Products Claim? There are a few similar benefits that you'll see products claim to help with when they use charcoal as an ingredient. This includes whitening your teeth, getting rid of bad breath, killing bacteria, and even neutralizing acids in your mouth.

Root Canal Versus Tooth Extraction: 3 Reasons Root Canals Are Often The Better Option

If you have a tooth that has been severely damaged by decay, you will often have the choice between a root canal procedure or simply having the tooth extracted. In many cases, individuals will choose to have the tooth pulled either because it is more affordable or because they are a bit anxious when it comes to the idea of having a root canal done. This is really quite unfortunate because the truth is that root canals often provide the more beneficial solution to severe tooth decay.

Why Ultrasonic Scalers Are Great For Cleaning Teeth

Do you need to get your teeth cleaned at the dentist's office? It is worth asking if they are going to use an ultrasonic scaler when making an appointment. Here are a few key things to know about this piece of dental equipment used to clean your teeth. Ultrasonic Scalers Remove Plaque, Tartar, And Bacteria What makes an ultrasonic scaler unique is that it uses a flow of water and soft vibrations to clean your teeth with a scaler.

Take Your Child To A Pediatric Dentist

If you have a child, you want to ensure that you are getting them all the medical treatment they should have. That includes taking your child to the dentist. If you take your child to the dentist, you might consider taking them to a pediatric dentist. This can be an excellent idea for several reasons.  Establishing Good Dental Habits One reason to take your child to a pediatric dentist is that it will help them develop good dental habits that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

What Is A Dentist?

A huge part of your oral health is going to regularly see your dentist for check-ups, but that does not necessarily mean you know anything about your dentist's job or how they came to be one.  What Is a Dentist? A dentist is an oral health professional. A dentist's job is to take care of the health of your mouth and teeth. Dentists are often confused with orthodontists. Dentists will often refer you to an orthodontist if something is out of their knowledge and skill range.